Filmmaking_Stuff_BookPraise for Filmmaking Stuff

“Engaging and enthusiastic, Jason Brubaker has written an excellent introduction to the new landscape of filmmaking – especially for those just starting out their careers.”

— Jon Reiss, author of “Think Outside The Box Office”

“Jason Brubaker’s ‘Filmmaking Stuff’ gives the Independent Filmmaker a rare insight into how to make a feature film with a proven step-by-step formula from an indie filmmaker who has ‘been-there- done-that-and got the T-shirt.’ Not only does Jason Brubaker understand the business and creative side of filmmaking, he is also an expert in using the Internet and Social Media to finance and distribute any film today. This fact alone is reason enough to always have this book sitting beside your computer.”

— Peter D. Marshall, Filmmaker

“Speaking from his own hard won experience, Jason lays out a comprehensive plan to help the modern indie filmmaker get films made. If you care more about making good movies and telling good stories, than about being Hollywood, let Filmmaking Stuff show you the way.” —

— Gordon Firemark, Entertainment Attorney

“There are lots of books that tell you the technical aspects of how to make a movie. This one answers the question you’ll face when it’s done: ‘Now what?’ If you care about having people actually pay to see your movie, get this book.”

— Jurgen Wolff, author of “Your Writing Coach”

“The process of script to distribution is now much more complicated and labor intensive. Producers must wear even more hats on the job and be much more knowledgeable about the business of film than they once were. Fortunately, Jason has written this book to help educate and inspire producers of this new century to take advantage of the wonderful tools the internet has given us all to reach audiences worldwide.”

— Sheri Candler, Marketing and Publicity Specialist

“Jason personally guides you through the many important things you need to know to create a great film. This book has exceptional tips for saving money and marketing.”

— Carole Dean, author of “Art of Funding Second Edition”

“A real page turner. This is a must read for any filmmaker who does not enjoy being suckered by middlemen.”

— Kim Callahan, Hollywood Talent Manager

“If you want to make movies, if you already make movies and want to sell them, if you already sell movies and want to make more money, you owe yourself a few hours with Jason’s newest book. It has the potential to change everything for you. I don’t know anyone who knows (and appreciates) indie DIY filmmaking better than Jason. ‘Filmmaking Stuff’ is packed with solid know-how… It’s that one serious tool that indies have been needing.”

— Norman C. Berns, Producer/Director